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losing color by precurser losing color by precurser
been working on this one for a while. finally let it out.
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oragamiknight Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
wow sooo awesome love the contrast
redcristal991 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009
This is a wonderful piece of artwork.
Absolutely beautiful ^^
How you come up with such ideas and designs is amazing.
blackfang04 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
Wow, wonderful picture. I love the abstract look of it.
corelila Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Student General Artist
is that from the song by idiot pilot?
precurser Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No idea! It was taken from something I heard an old friend say. But I assume they could have got it from that.
blade2085 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Seriously, this is amazing! I dont see why you dont have more love on here! If I had the dough, I would totally get the largest canvas print available!!!

Keep up the brilliant work :)

precurser Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is actually quite an old piece. but thanks a ton for the comments! check out some of my newer stuff
! =)
Enigmacookie Featured By Owner May 8, 2006
Wow....that is really great :D
cloud172 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2005
I bought this as a mousepad and just got it. I love it.
dunklesgrab Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2004
Nice pic! It´s strange but sometimes I feel like it! hehe!
JuliaDunin Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003  Professional Photographer
mhaaaa ...... very deep .. yes : deep this is first word i thougt when i saw this ... great wp again :)
axcy Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
I think this is the first time a wallpaper has ever scared me.

I meant that in a good way. :P (Lick)

Great job!

- A
blacksheep- Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2003
awesome wp, i really like the red color used in there , looks awesome and gives the piece an amazing atmosphere
amoralpsycho Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2002
I love this thing. +fav
kase9 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2002
looks damn good on my desktop, great detail and color. gj
acmax Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2002
Digging all the little details and blips in this. Very nice.
-mya- Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2002  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter

precurser goes grunge?

fantastic wp. everything i every wanted to make!

and a fav!
pl0id Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002
Masterful example of what good walls aspire to be. heh....great wall!!


phusion Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2002  Hobbyist Digital Artist
vilestyle Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2002
wow me digs!
le-saint Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2002
Holy cwrap!
starforge Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002
Woah, precurser you amaze me everytime... brilliant wallpaper!
geckokid Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2002  Professional General Artist
1st step, can't help clicking for full view.
2nd step, +fav
3rd step, finally I see you got sth submitted for some time! Excellent job here!
corax Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
Brilliant. Excellent blend of high-tech and grunginess. One of the best I've seen in a long time.
five Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
Superb; doesn't look god-like in the thumbnail, but on full-view it's mind-boggling. Just awesome. =P (Razz)
avalondesign Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002   Interface Designer
My current desktop as well. :) (Smile)
xcaponius Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
this looks good on my desktop .

incredibly nice yet not so original.

im loving it nevertheless.
roadkill Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
Very nice. My new wallpaper.
blackout Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2002
That is hot to death, very nice
idlejam Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002
a little jaggy on the top where it goes diagonal but other than that , this is solid work.
matteo Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
pre breaking the mold again. will it ever end? :) (Smile)
gremlindesign Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002   Photographer
This one surprised me. it looked more simple in the thumbnail, but once i viewed it in full, i saw the light, so to speak.

This kind of struck me as a continuation of the theme that you were on when you redid EndEffect in march, but i looked a little closer and saw a few variants on that style. The horizontal line of red has a very cool bar code effect to it, and i like the fact that the tentacles aren't all a similar uniform shape. Also, the smear effect on the red makes it look like blood. Very cool.

The use of the chaotic 2d polygonal style on the left is used well, and not overused, and the piece does not rely on the trendiness of it. Well done. I also really like the rows of little gray and white techish squiggles on the left. They add a lot to the picture, and make it look like my video card is in the midst of a mild seisure.

As i said in my comment of harvester, its good to see some work from you again :-) (Smile)
erratic Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002
sweet. love the colors.
pseudopod Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002's obvious this took some time....certainly worth the wait.
the detail is astounding.
jen-r8r Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2002   General Artist
likin' this style! nice work pre! :D (Big Grin)
flexoutlaw Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
:O (Eek) !

Please tell me you're going to make this available on daprints... i neeeed it :D (Big Grin)
trodden Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002  Professional Interface Designer
shit...very very nice....abstract with fine colors and great light grunge...all with a nice focal point to the right...what more can one ask for!?!
dark-angel Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
I haven't seen your stuff for a long time. Very nice. I love the red areas.
dich Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
mmm nice abstract! mood of colors and tearing technique!
arterie Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002  Professional
i agree with attila, super nice job.
attila Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002  Hobbyist Photographer
This is a great looking wallpaper, one of my favorites from you, and you've been a favorite wallpaper designer of mine since I've known of your work. I'll thoroughly enjoy having this on my dtop for some time. Great work. +favlove
benightist Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2002
holy crap! thats awesome! I was just about to say it looks like precurser... that trademark style on the right. And then woa. It is. Very nice man. Another kickass wallpaper by you :) (Smile)
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